Available in the UK from Aspire Pharma, Lecicarbon is a fast-acting, easy to use, suppository laxative that treats constipation within 15-30 minutes. Lecicarbon, fast acting laxative, suppository, constipation, quick laxative, easy laxative, sodium hydrogen carbonate, sodium dihydrogen phosphate, Aspire Pharma, UK, natural, carbon dioxide, CO2, Long-term use, paraplegia, paraplegic , Opioid pain management, Bed ridden, pregnancy. Lecicarbon is a fast-acting laxative which treats constipation within 15-30 minutes. Lecicarbon contains sodium hydrogen carbonate (0.500 g) and sodium dihydrogen phosphate (0.680 g) that react to product carbon dioxide which gently causes peristalsis resulting in a normal bowel movement. Made available in the UK by Aspire Pharma, this easy to use suppository can also be used for all forms of constipation  and to ease bowel movements after operations or diagnostic procedures, or before surgery or childbirth.